Thursday, March 9, 2017

Disney is My First Love

Here's a hard truth for you (actually for me), it will be at least 2 years before I go to Disney.  And it's been over 3 years since I was there the last time.  That makes me sad.

I love, love, love Disney parks.  If you were to drop me into a Disney park right now and ask me to find a location I could walk you right to it because the park maps are burned into my brain.  I keep up to date with the parks additions and changes by listening to podcasts, visiting websites and doing deep dives on google.  I can't get the mouse out of my head.

Having little kids, though, I am making a sacrifice by not going to the parks.  My opinion is very strict; kids under 2 won't get anything out of the trip and it's too much money to spend when they would have as much fun at the Magic Kingdom as they would the Minnesota Zoo.  For now I will have to get my fill from other people's trips.

In the meantime, I am compiling a list of things to do when I do get back to WDW.  Here are my picks so far:

1. Eat at Be Our Guest Restaurant (Rose Room) - This perfectly themed restaurant is the talk of the kingdom.  It's the Studio 54 of it's generation if Studio 54 were in Walt Disney World and didn't have all the drugs and sex.  I will only eat in the Rose Room, natch, because why bother going if you don't go big.  Also, they have the grey stuff and it is, apparently, delicious.

2. Photo Collage - On the last day of my last trip I saw a cast member at Animal Kingdom's Flame Tree BBQ wearing the most hideous outfit/costume.  So I took a picture which made me want to create a photo collage of Disney cast member costumes.  Some of those costumes are really terrible.

3.  Drinks at Sam's Grog Grotto - One universal truth at Walt Disney World is that the hidden gems are in the resorts.  The resorts have some of the best restaurants, bars, pools and activities.  Sam's Grog Grotto is just such a gem of a tiki bar hidden at the Polynesian Resort.  The drinks are expensive, but each order sends the tiki gods into a song and dance.  Extra bonus points for this bar because at night it is adults only.

4.  Find the Mermaids at Pirates of the Caribbean - Did you know there are mermaids on this ride?  I've never noticed them before but will be searching for them at our next trip.

5.  Bring Brigid and Isabel to Meet Mickey - The funny thing about this is that Brigid (who is almost 3) will probably refuse to meet Mickey.  She refused Santa this year and still tells me that she will not sit on Santa's lap.  I'm not sure what Isabel's (who is only 3 months) personality will be like yet, but hopefully one of my children will be somewhat happy to meet Mickey Mouse.  I will probably book this introduction at a character breakfast/meal because at least then I know Brigid won't run away.

6.  Ride the Mine Train - I love roller coasters so am excited to try this one out.  My next trip to Disney will certainly be different because there will be so much new.  The last time I was there the New Fantasyland was only in their soft opening and in the next two years there will be Avatarland, Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land.  Crazy to think about how much has changed but also really fun to know that the next time I visit I will have so much new to experience.

Has anyone been recently?  Let me know if I should add anything to this list!